Getting a Ride Home New Year’s Eve

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DES MOINES, Iowa — New Years can be a big night for taxi companies, but it can also be an incredibly rough night because of the small window of time between midnight and bar close they have to help all their customers. For this reason drivers are encouraging you to reserve your ride in advance.

Aside from your traditional drivers, Uber will also be available. Uber officials are expecting to serve a few hundred customers in Iowa. However, Uber’s surge pricing model means prices could rise depending on demand.

If you drove and need someone to drive your car home you can call “Drivers on Call” or “Des Moines Sober Drivers.” Because these services requires two drivers, they costs a little more money. Their prices start at around $30 to $40 for the metro area. “Des Moines Sober Drivers” owner Jerie Jacobson says she gets lots of last minute calls on holidays like this. “I mean who thinks of it. I mean who thinks of dinner before they go to the grocery store. You know, last minute planning,” Jacobson.


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