Get your car geared up now for the winter months ahead


DES MOINES, Iowa- As we get ready for winter, we need to be paying more attention to our cars, especially if you tend to miss basic maintenance throughout the year. 

An Automotive Tech Instructor at Des Moines Area Community College, Al Pieper said that now is the time for Iowans to get their cars looked at or order parts that may be important. Many auto shops are backed up due to demand, as well as some product shortages due to supply chain issues.

“You might be waiting for parts for a while. I’ve heard at some places waiting a month to get parts to fix the car because it’s been diagnosed that you need this piece and they don’t have it. The warehouses don’t have it,” said Pieper. “They’re waiting for that part to come from someplace else. And so there has been a backlog of some parts and obviously, that’s one reason why to get things done earlier.”

Pieper said along with getting your oil changed you should be checking your battery, fluids, filters, tires, and their tread depth. And for Iowans, it is important to know how your car responds when you apply brakes in icy or slushy winter conditions.

According to experts the battery usually fails in the summer but doesn’t show up until the winter months so it is very important to check your battery out. 

Get these checks in now before that first initial snowfall, especially if you are thinking about driving far distances to see family for the holidays or taking any long trips this winter. 

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