GAY MARRIAGE: Majority of Iowans oppose amendment banning same sex marriage

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A new poll shows a majority of Iowans don’t want the legislature to pursue a ban on same sex marriage.

More than half of the people polled by the Des Moines Register say they oppose a Constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage in Iowa. 38% favor an amendment while 6% remain undecided.

Advocates of marriage equality are pleased with the numbers saying it shows progress.

“There are 56 % of people- a majority who say while this issue doesn`t affect them, they still don`t want to pass a marriage ban. They still don`t want to put this issue up for a vote,” says Molly Tafoya with One Iowa.

Supporters of a marriage amendment say Iowans should have the right to vote.

“It’s not about whether or not it will pass. It’s about whether or not you should be the opportunity to weigh in on it and that’s really what we’re trying to accomplish,” says Senate Minority Leader Jerry Behn, a Republican from Boone.

The Iowa House passed the marriage amendment last year. GOP leaders say it is stalled in the Senate.

“We’ve tried various ways to get it brought up for a vote and we can’t get that done,” says Behn.

The Register poll shows 29% of Iowans are strongly opposed to gay marriage. That compares to the 22% who are strongly in favor. More Iowans or 33% say they don’t care.

“What Iowans are finding now that we are about three years in to our marriage law that the 2009 marriage decision hasn’t had an impact on them. Hasn’t affected their marriage or their daily lives so I believe that 33% really speaks to that,” says Tafoya.


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