GAY MARRIAGE: A poll by the Des Moines Register shows a majority of Iowans are against a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage

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According to a new poll by the Des Moines Register, more Iowans now oppose a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Iowa than this same time last year.

Fifty-six-percent of those questioned in the Register’s Iowa Poll, say they’re against the proposed amendment. Thirty-eight-percent favor the idea, while 6-percent are unsure.

A year ago, 40-percent of those surveyed supported an amendment, while 54-percent were opposed.

The Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled banning same-sex marriages was unconstitutional in April of 2009.

A proposed amendment to the state’s constitution that would allow Iowans to vote on the matter has been blocked in the Iowa Senate. The measure would have to be passed in two consecutive legislative sessions before it would appear on the ballot.


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