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DES MOINES, Iowa – Those all across the state will decide city and school elections on November 2. Voters in Polk County have that and a new bond referendum to vote on.

The bond totals $65 million over two decades. It is estimated that every property owner in Polk County will have to pay $11 per year if it is passed. This new bond is would continue the work that the 2012 Polk County Water & Land Legacy bond started, emphasizing a lot of work on the county’s waterways.

“This time around we are focusing on a lot of the same areas. Looking at water quality improvements, parks and trails, natural areas, and flood preventions,” said Rich Leopold the Polk County Conservation Director.

The bond needs 60% of the vote for those funds to be able to be implemented and utilized. The vote back in 2012 passed with 72%. Leopold is hoping that an increase in the usage of parks and recreational areas will prompt voters to head to the polls.

“Since we had such a tough year with COVID a lot of people have taken to the outdoors,” Leopold said. “Add to that the business community, they know very well to attract and retain a good workforce you have to have reasons to get people to want to move here.”

Fifteen million dollars are allocated to projects that the Iowa Confluence Water Trails group deemed necessary. Those projects include improving the creeks and rivers to accommodate all types of recreational activity.

The Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa just endorsed the bond today according to Leopold. Back in 2012, they decided to stay neutral on the issue.