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DES MOINES, Iowa — At the Iowa State Fair, a Waukee mother and her boys got some wisdom from a very unexpected source.

Jennifer Dockter-Lago and her two boys were passing by a toy stand, when her two boys said they wanted a toy. Dockter-Lago told them no, and they began to give their mother a hard time about that decision. Finally, mom decided it was time for the boys to have a time out. She sat them down on the curb and walked a few short steps away.

When she turned around she saw the toy salesman sitting on the ground at eye-level talking to her boys. At first she thought he might be scolding them, or trying to sell a toy.  But, as she listened to his calm voice, he was telling the boys the exact message she was trying to communicate.

“Hey, you guys need to listen to what your mom is saying! You didn’t come to the fair for some crappy toys, you came for the activities, fun, and family time,” Dockter-Lago wrote on Facebook, quoting what the Iowa State Fair worker told the boys.

“Trust me, when I was your age I didn’t listen to my parents and now look at me, I’m selling crappy toys at the fair! Is that what you wanna do with your life?”

The man is Deane Suni, who sells toys at fairs and events in some 20 states each year.

Dockter-Lago decided to post her story of what happened on The People of Iowa State Fair Facebook page. People on that site liked it over 18,000 times and shared the story 2,400 times. The comments praised Suni for his comments and hailed him as a hero.

Suni insists he is no hero. He was triggered because he felt bad, the boys were not treating their Mom with respect. He said he is a recovering drug addict who has lost his own wife and children due to life decisions he has made.

Dockter-Lago said that was unusual for her boys to act that way.

Since the post, Suni said many people have come up to him at the State Fair to thank him.  He said he has really been impressed with all the kind people at the Fair.

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