From "Bah Humbug" to "Best time of the year"

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Holy Cow! I’ve started, deleted and re-started this post several times simply because I’m so shocked at the reponse to my last one. I think I’m finally ready to hit the “publish” button, but not without holding my breath!

Hindsight being 20/20 I realize my previous post may’ve been a bit harsh. There were a number of contributing factors, none worth mentioning here. So, I’ll just tell you about the turnaround.
By Christmas Eve Day, I’d started adjusting my attitude and it’s due in part to getting a kick in the pants from the people around me… including family, friends, and all of you! Sometimes you need people to say, “What the heck is your problem?!? Snap out of it! Get a grip!” It also helps to do things you may not feel like doing. I went shopping. All of my fellow procrastinators were really nice and everyone working was really helpful (namely Kip @ Younkers). I found some good gifts and didn’t spend a crazy amount of money. When I got home, Michael had holiday tunes playing on the stereo, snacks on the counter and egg nog in the fridge. I was smiling in spite of my Grinchy self. Wrapping presents also helped improve my spirits, especially when our crazy cat started jumping into the middle of piles of paper and chasing bows around the house.

My mom also sent me this list of advice, which cracks me up…
1. Move to Florida (Trade snowstorms for hurricanes, alligators and humidity)

2. Buy a sunlamp, and bake for several hours (Caution: premature aging and burning of skin likely)
3. Go to a spa for a complete day of relaxation (Costly; benefits vanish upon exiting spa)
4. Buy a large bottle of wine, and drink the whole thing, then keep doing that until Christmas is over. (Expect gigantic headaches and even greater depression)
5. Board a plane for Arizona to visit family. (No adverse side effects, however treatment must be repeated every three to four months, or as needed.)

I also discovered that one of the best cures for a bad mood is spending time with little people… my neices and nephews were a riot on Christmas night. I laughed so much my stomach hurt.

Another great mood-booster … working out. Hard.

Finally, a bit about blogging. I appreciate the frank feedback regarding this blog, what you think it should be about and how I should approach it. One of you wrote something along these lines “… it’s your job, do it.” You’re right. Absolutely right. So even though I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions, mine is to blog weekly regardless of what’s going on or not going on in my life or the world at large. And I promise, you will never again read about me being crabby!

Happy New Year!


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