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In honor of Memorial Day weekend a Greenfield artist is using his talents to honor veterans.

It’s called the Freedom Rock. Bubba Sorensen started this tradition more than a decade ago. Sorensen is a mural painter by day but says he spends the entire month of May to paint the rock.

He paints each side of the rock with a different picture, honoring both local and nationwide vets.

Those who came to view the rock say this is a special honor to those who served.

“It means the world to me that somebody would give up this many hours as what he has to make something as beautiful as this for our vets,” says Darla O’Banion of Dexter.

O’Banion has two children serving in the military.

Sorensen plans to paint a rock in every Iowa county and eventually every state.

He’ll be in Bondurant painting a rock next month.