FREE KRISTINA: Fetters Family Outside Prison

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When she was just 14-years-old, Kristina Fetters stabbed her great-aunt to death. Fetters is currently 18-years into to her life sentence at the women’s prison in Mitchellville.

Fetters was diagnosed with cancer and is now in the prison’s hospice care and family and friends want her to spend her remaining days at home.

On Saturday they gathered outside the prison yard with signs reading “Free Keba,” Fetters’ nickname in prison.

“She should be out. She’s suffered enough. She’s dying now and they need to do the right thing. They need to let her go,” said friend Maxine Lettington.

Fetters will likely die in the prison’s hospice care. Her supporters hope to bring 2,000 signatures to the Iowa Parole Board next week in hopes of persuading the board to release Fetters from prison so she can spend her last days outside of prison walls.

“I hope they show some compassion and let her go,” Lettington said.

It’s not certain if that day of freedom will ever be granted, so prison staff wheeled Fetters into the prison yard so she could see all of those who support her.

The board is scheduled to meet on December 5th.


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