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IOWA  —  One of the Democratic candidates for governor is criticizing Governor Kim Reynolds for not speaking out more against Republicans accused of sexual harassment.

Fred Hubbell held an event in Indianola on Sunday afternoon to meet with supporters. Hubbell, a retired businessman, says Iowans deserve to have someone they can trust in office.

“You look around what’s going on in politics in our state and in our nation, I think people are questioning the integrity of our leaders,” said Hubbell. “And when Kim Reynolds talks about sexual harassment and wanting to stop that and really be strong on it and yet she doesn’t talk about Trump’s issues, she doesn’t say anything about the Missouri governor, she keeps taking the money he helped raise for her, that kind of integrity shows up. And people want to know what their politicians stand for.”

Governor Reynolds has called for what she calls “zero tolerance” when it comes to sexual harassment, but she hasn’t pushed for specific changes.