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FRASER, Iowa — A small Iowa community is taking a stand against large scale commercial dog breeding facilities. Animal advocates across the country are coming out against the puppy mill industry. Now, a small community in Boone county is doing the same.

The city has banned the retail sale of dogs and cats, in an effort to stop the pipeline from the so called puppy mill to the pet store. City Councilman Steve McClain explained how the ban came about.

“One of the Council Members, Amy Laube, works for the Humane Society in Boone and she`s part of the “Bailing Out Benji” project, and so they just kind of got together on this,” said McClain.

McClain said it’s possible that Fraser could lead the way for Iowa in the fight against puppy mills.

“It sounds a little silly, but I think we`re gonna try,” said McClain. “I think we`re the first city in Iowa to do it so, we’ll find out.”

According to “Bailing Out Benji,” an Ames based non-profit organization that educates people about animals, Iowa is home to over 250 puppy mills, which ship over 100,000 puppies to pet stores in other states each year. The organization says many of those same puppy mills also supply pet stores here in Iowa, adding that these commercial breeding facilities have hundreds of dogs that are kept in cages that are filthy, rusty, and too small.

“I`ve seen a lot of the stories and videos and things like that and it is really bad,” said McClain. “It`s pretty cruel…It`s kind of a bad deal when they have all these animals in the Humane Society and things up for adoption and then they go and buy these out of the puppy mills. They`re just making money is all they`re doing.”