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NORWALK, Iowa — It’s been four years since a murder mystery began in Warren County. Now, the step-daughter of the man who was found dead inside his home after it was burned to the ground is speaking out, and she’s asking for answers.

Leann Warywoda is the step-daughter of the late Bill Wood. Speaking to Channel 13 News, Warywoda said, “Bill was married to my mom when she passed away from cancer, and then he re-married Kay, and then this whole mess happened four years ago.”

On the night of Saturday, July 30, 2011, the home of Bill and Kay Wood in rural Norwalk went up in flames. Warren County fire investigators found Bill’s body inside the rubble. Bill had been shot several times. Kay was never found. Warywoda told Channel 13 News, “there`s not a day that doesn`t go by that I don` t think about him, or wish that somebody would say something, or we would find out what happened or who did it.”

The couple had last been seen earlier in the day at an auction house in Stuart, Iowa. Warywoda told Channel 13 News, “that was the kind of thing that Bill did. He liked antiques…there was a lot of antiques in the house, that went up…there was an old antique claw footed table that had glass balls for the feet, and there was an old curio cabinet…”

The next day after the fire, on Sunday, July 31, 2011, the couple’s 2009 red Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck was seen at an apartment complex in Kansas City. Investigators with Iowa’s Department of Public Safety want to speak with a man who witnesses say was last seen near the truck. DPS refers to that man as a “person of interest.”

Warywoda says any new information may lead to a break in the case, and she’s hoping that somebody somewhere comes forward and says something, telling Channel 13 News, “it doesn`t matter how trivial it is. It can be just something little or maybe they know somebody or overheard a conversation or something.”

Public Information Officer Alex Murphy with Iowa’s Department of Public Safety says investigators are constantly pursuing leads and that’s why they are asking the public to come forward with information. Murphy telling Channel 13 News, “you never know any detail that could help solve a case. There may be somebody out there watching or that knows about this that just thinks you know, that`s not going to be relevant to the case but you can`t take any chances. You need to report that and help us out. we`re relying on the public a lot to help with these kind of cases.’

An $8,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. Anyone with any information is asked to contact The Warren County Sheriff’s Office at 515-961-1122, or The Department of Public Safety at 515-725-6253.