DES MOINES – Booster clubs and alumni foundations play a critical role in filling in funding gaps for Des Moines Public Schools. Proof of that is Roosevelt High School’s new track and field being built thanks to a $3.3 million donation from the Roosevelt Foundation.

Rose Green, the former president of the Roosevelt Foundation said that Des Moines Public Schools partnered with them to start the project.

“We sponsored the project beyond what Des Moines Public Schools contributed towards the track so we took on the expenses and we have a team of 25 volunteers who went out and pounded the pavement to raise an additional $3.3 million,” Green said.

The Des Moines Public School District has five different high schools. Every one of the schools has booster clubs and alumni foundations.

Phil Roeder, the Director of Communications & Public Affairs at Des Moines Public Schools said that alumni foundations and booster clubs have ramped up their fundraising efforts in recent years.

Due to the number of different schools and the age of the buildings, each High School has different needs. Donations from booster clubs and alumni foundations help fill in funding gaps to meet each school’s needs.

“It is more complicated here with more high schools, in our case five high schools,” Roeder said, “All of them are different some were built back in the 1910s others built in the 1920s our newest one built in the 1960s. We have a wide range of structures and needs and functions and architecture and everything within those buildings.”

The track at Roosevelt High School is expected to be completed in August, just in time for the school’s 100th anniversary.