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EARLY, Iowa — At a farm southwest of Early, Steve and Tracy Pickhinke shut down the tractors and combines over the noon hour for a special event called Feed the Farmer.

The Feed the Farmer contest is sponsored through the Fort Dodge Radio Station KWMT. Farm Director Duane Murley has been visiting various farms where winners of the meals would welcome their visits bearing food.

“This fall we’re enjoying prime rib the entire seven weeks, and that’s what we’re doing today at the Pickhinke Farm,” said Murley. “I guess it’s our way at KWMT to thank farmers for what they do each and every year.”

Steve and Tracy Pickhinke said they were appreciative of the catered meal to the farm crew. Tracy, a teacher, said it was a double bonus, as there was no school that day and she didn’t have to cook.

The meal consisted of a huge slab of prime rib, corn, cheesy potatoes and apple crisp for desert.

“If we could turn the calendar back about two weeks, we’d feel little better,” said Steve Pickhinke. “We feel like the crops are that much late this year. It’s kind of pressuring everybody to get it down before winter sets in.”

Pickhinke said last year they did not get as much fall tillage in, and that set them behind at the start of planting 2019.

“They’re talking about 14 to 15 degrees in this area next week, which will kind of stop a lot of the tillage work,” said Pickhinke. “The next issue if we don’t get that work done this fall, it will kind of put us behind the eight ball next spring.”

Murley does a farm show from the farm, reading the markets and doing interviews with farmers and sponsors.

“Probably one of the highlights for me for Feed the Farmer is coming out and doing the markets from the winner’s machine sheds or garage or kitchen or wherever we’re doing it,” said Murley. “After we get done, a lot of times I’ll take the time and go out and check out their fields with them or go look at their livestock.”

The visit to Early was the final of seven fall visits across the station’s listening area.


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