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FORT DODGE, Iowa — Fort Dodge Police say they were forced to kill a dangerous pit bull after it attacked two people, including an officer.

Zachary Lind, 22, of Fort Dodge says he was bringing his friend’s dog into his back yard when the next door neighbor’s dog, a two-year-old pit bull named “Jack,” attacked him. Lind says the dog pinned him up against his house and severely bit his leg. Jack was on a leash at the time, but the leash was long enough to reach Lind’s home. Lind called animal control and police say Jack also went after the animal control officer.

“The animal control officer was over there attempting to get the dog and the dog attacked him,” Assistant Police Chief Roger Porter explained. “Prior to going there he did request assistance from officers. The dog wound up getting free after the first attack and the attack happened a second time and the officer was forced to shoot.”

Lind and the animal control officer were treated for their injuries and released from a local hospital. Charges have not been filed against the dog’s owner, but police say their investigation is continuing.