FORT DODGE, IOWA — Authorities in Fort Dodge are looking for a suspect in what has become a too common occurrence in the city in recent weeks and months – the murder of a teenager. In the first two weeks of May, two teenagers have been shot and killed in Fort Dodge. In both investigations, another teenager is accused of pulling the trigger.

On May 2nd, 18-year-old Patrick Walker was shot and killed in Fort Dodge. A 20-year-old man was injured in the shooting as well. Police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect – 17-year-old Davonquae Pettigrew.

Eleven days later, 18-year-old Adrian Grover was shot and killed on May 13th. Quanterious Altman, 18, is charged with First Degree Murder for his death.

But Fort Dodge Police have been investigating an increase of violent incidents for months. A shooting on Christmas Day in 2022 took the life of Montreail Dungy. Two men are facing First Degree Murder charges in that investigation. Police are also investigating a stabbing in early March that injured two people . Days later a shooting at a convenience store injured two people. In January another teen was injured in a shooting.

And Earlier this year in March, 26-year-old Nicole Reza was allegedly killed during a confrontation with Adarius Clayton. Clayton took his own life during a standoff with Des Moines Police the next day.

Authorities do not believe any of the violent incidents are directly connected.