DES MOINES, Iowa — The national baby formula shortage is impacting a metro daycare center.

Conmigo Early Learning Center said it feels the impact of the shortage on its business every day. According to the center, employees go through nearly four cans of formula a week, and due to supply chain issues with the center’s suppliers buying formula is challenging. 

“We ordered our formula in bulk, and every month and for the first few months of this year, it’s been fine,” said Conmigo Early Learning Center Interim Director Kenya Gonzalez.

“But this past month, it’s been hard to find any formula in stock.”

Gonzalez said the center orders enough formula to last a month. The center said it also communicates with its suppers regularly.

“We plan accordingly for the number of children we have,” said Gonzalez.” So hopefully, this is just like a precaution and something that we can get a hold of and not have to ask our parents to bring in the formula because if it’s hard for us to buy in bulk, and it’s I’m sure it’s hard for parents just to buy a can.”

In the meantime, HyVee tells WHO 13 News they have seen sporadic shortages. However, they are working with partners to ensure having formula on the shelves.