Former Owner Testifies About Drug Dealing at Copper Dollar Ranch

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WATERLOO, Iowa — Testimony continued Wednesday in the double murder trial of Terri Supino.

Supino is accused of killing her estranged husband Steven Fisher and his girlfriend Melisa Gregory at the Copper Dollar Ranch in Jasper County more than 30 years ago.

The prosecution says Supino killed Fisher and Gregory in a jealous rage. The defense says the murders could be drug related because the ranch’s owner admits, at the time of the murders, he was dealing drugs out of there.

Former owner Hal Snedeker admitted to the court he was dealing marijuana as a way to sustain an income.

Snedeker admitted on the stand that he was offered immunity for his statements back in the 1980s. He also admitted he has lied under oath about statements he made about his drug dealing since the murders.

At times during testimony Wednesday Snedeker seemed reluctant to answer questions from the defense about whether Fisher knew he was dealing large amounts of marijuana. He finally admitted Fisher new about the drug dealing about a year before his death.

Snedecker also says he had been told that Fisher was working with police as a drug informant but didn’t believe it until the day of the murder when police confirmed it.


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