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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — The trial of a Marion County man accused of murdering his mother is in its second week.

Monday morning, Marion County Attorney Ed Bull called several witnesses to the stand that identified suspect Jason Carter`s truck and discussed some of his texting conversations on the day of his mother`s 2015 murder.

That day, Jason was texting the woman he was having an affair with — Tara Kauzlarich.

She only explained the time of their conversation that morning and did not go into details of their affair.

“Was your conversation that morning, without telling us any of the details, such that you expected it was at a logical stopping point,” Bull asked.

Kauzlarich replied, “No.”

In addition to Jason`s texting conversations, his 911 call concerning his mother was played for the jury.

The trial is being held in Pottawattamie County because of pre-trial publicity.

Channel 13’s Laura Barczewski will have more on the trial during the News at Four.