Former ISU Basketball Player Charged In Shooting

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GLENWOOD, Iowa — Former ISU basketball player Hurl Beechum III is the latest to face charges in the fight and shooting that has stunned the small western Iowa city of Glenwood. The Mills County Attorney`s office is charging Beechum with three felonies after he admitted to shooting a man outside his mother and stepfather’s home Sunday evening.

Authorities say Beechum’s stepfather, Glenwood High School Principal Richard Hutchinson, overheard some people using a racial slur. Hutchinson confronted the group and, according to authorities, was attacked and knocked unconscious by 18-year-old Denver Cook. Authorities say Cook and 21-year-old Colton McDaniel started hitting and kicking the unconscious Hutchinson.

That`s when authorities say Beechum stepped in, fought with the pair, then went inside the house, got a pistol and shot McDaniel in the leg.

Authorities say Beechum is charged because he was not in imminent danger when he got the gun. Neighbors like Angela Prindle disagree. “I think it was self defense,” she said, “And I think anybody would do that for their family member.”

Police also arrested 20-year-old Liam Whitehorse of nearby Pacific Junction. Police say Whitehouse posted a message on Facebook after the shooting; what he called a “call to arms” for people who want to “Exact some vigilante justice” because of the shooting. Police pulled Whitehouse over and found a pellet gun and Samuri sword in his car.

A man who answered the door at Whitehouse’s home refused to comment.   A sign on Hutchinson`s door indicates the family doesn`t want to talk either. But they`re getting plenty of backing.   Neighbors are even wearing tee-shirts supporting the Hutchinsons.

“We`re gonna come out of it. Everything will be fine,” neighbor Bret Wilson said, “They`re all good people. Hutch is a great man so, we`re gonna be alright.”


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