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AMES, Iowa- An Ames radio station is hosting a radio station unlike any. KHOI Community Radio is the home of Bob’s 8-Track Garage Sale.

The weekly show features oldies music played only on 8-track tapes.
Bob Anders, the host of the show, is a retired banker, with stints in radio in Iowa, and in military service in Vietnam.

“Got to know the radio board and how the system works, it kind of gets into your skin,” said Anders. “The end of the tape is attached to the front or the beginning of the tape with a small metal strip,” said Anders. “As that strip passes through the player, it switches it from track one, to track two, to track three, to track four.”

Anders said that the name of the show is “Bob’s 8-Track Garage Sale,” but he does not buy and sell these tapes, rather that’s where he found many of the 8 tracks in his collection, at garage sales.

KHOI Radio Station General Manager Ursula Ruedenberg said that when the 8-track tapes were in play, she was living in Europe, and was not even familiar with what Bob was talking about when he first proposed doing this show.

“The technology is not great technology, but there’s a culture, there’s a vision behind that, of caring about something, that most people don;’t care for anymore,” said Ruedenberg. “That spoke to me about a personal point of view that came from a personality, and that’s the essence of what makes community radio work.”

Bob’s 8 Track Garage Sale Radio show is on the air on KHOI-FM at 89.1 on Thursdays at 11 am. The KHOI signal is heard around Ames. The show is also online along with some archived episodes.

You can check out the show’s webpage here.