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Football season is just around the corner and like every season, one of the big concerns is concussions.

Researchers have come up with a new way to monitor player’s physical and mental recovery to protect them against head injuries.

The Cleveland clinic in Ohio is behind this research but a northwest Iowa school is the first in the state to take part in the study.

The app is called C3.

It uses an iPad to measure players’ movement during a series of physical and mental tests. That along with the watchful eye of a trainer helps set a baseline of a player’s so-called “normal” levels.

Then if a player is injured, he or she will go through the tests again.

Those results will be compared to the baseline data.

“We compare those two assessments on each of the eight different tests that we do,” explains Josh Hirsch.

“What we do is we can find out which tests are they showing deficits in and that can help us get them better, and back out on the field sooner.”

The technology has been used on more than 6,000 high school and college athletes.

Boyden-Hull Rock Valley High School football players are the only Iowa athletes trying out the technology.


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