Fong criticizes media, Fiegen criticizes Grassley

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Facebook seems to be the place for criticism this morning. Christian Fong, the former Republican candidate for governor, takes a shot at the media through the actions of a little girl (hey, what did the media do to you, Christian?:) Perhaps, it’s all in fun.

Tom Fiegen, the Democratic former state representative, and long shot candidate for U.S. senate, took some stronger shots at Republican U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley. I feel a little safer in saying this criticism isn’t just for fun.
Here’s what they each posted on Facebook:

Christian Fong:

80 sec video of a 10 y/o mocking a journalist. If only more people treated media this way:
Here’s the video.

Tom Fiegen:

FYI, new jobless claims were 530,405 last week (480,000 adjusted), an increase of 28,234 over the previous week. That is equal to laying off all of Des Moines. Enough of the stalemate, act or retire. Senator Grassley, how many more jobs will we lose before you help President Obama create jobs? Tree stumps have done more to boost jobs in the last year.


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