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FONDA, Iowa — Residents of Fonda gathered Friday evening to pick up a gift of food courtesy of Tyson Foods in nearby Storm Lake.

Fonda City Clerk Angela Duitsman said they’d seen other nearby towns conduct a food distribution from Tyson, so they put in a request and were granted a gift of two pallets of food to distribute. This was to go to people with a Fonda zip code of 50540.

“I personally know people that have now been laid off from their jobs,” said Fonda Police Chief Alex Leu. “A lot more stress on them more concerned for their jobs.”

The gift comes as part of a national effort by Tyson foods to donate, not only to urban areas, but also rural states like Iowa, where Tyson has a number of employees in production plants around the state.

“In Storm Lake we have our pork plant there, we have our turkey plant, we have operations and team members all over Iowa, so it’s a critical state for us,” said Derek Burleson, a spokesperson for Tyson Foods. “Since early March, Tyson Foods has donated nearly ten million pounds of protein around the country, food banks and hunger relief agencies. We’re not only proud of that effort, we’re really glad that we can make a difference, that we can support those who are struggling right now.”

The long line of cars appeared on Main Street in Fonda at 6 p.m. Friday.

“I didn’t expect to see quite the numbers and to have them actually wrapped out on the highway and in the Casey’s parking lot,” said Leu. “We’re at the little over half a mile point at this point our second street, this is quite the turnout.”

“I think it’s absolutely wonderful. I think they need some positive PR,” said Connie Harmon, who was in line for the gift. “We need to start looking at the positive. Everybody needs to be proactive, and be careful, but we need to be out there.”