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It’s only a matter of time before the flu season arrives in Iowa.  The season typically starts now and peaks in January or February.  On a cold Saturday morning, you didn`t even have to leave your car to get a flu shot.

“It`s one additional step we can take to make it just a little bit easier for people to get their flu shots,” says Rick Kozin with the Polk County Health Department.

“I had not got the flu shots because it wasn`t convenient.  This you just pull up, roll down your window, stick your arm out and we`re good,” says Valerie Buckless.

Cars lined up for the health department`s drive-thru clinic at the State Fairgrounds.  Nurses expected to vaccinate about 200 people.

“I`m a diabetic so I get flu shots every year just to guard against illness,” says Cyndi Lyon.

As a substitute teacher, Lyon is exposed to her fair share of germs.

“I`d just rather be safe than sorry,” she says.

“It`s important that people start to get vaccinated early.  It takes a while until the vaccine takes effect and your body has the full immunity it needs so now`s a good time to start getting vaccinated,” says Kozin.

The health department accepts most insurance plans.  For everyone else, it`s $20 a shot.  Health officials recommend anyone over six months get vaccinated.

Rob Kalb brought his family to the drive thru clinic.  He and his wife have three boys ages seven and under.

“They don`t enjoy it.  We don`t really enjoy it either obviously, but we feel like we have to do it,” says Kalb.

“The more people that get vaccinated, the harder it is for the virus to pass from person to person, the fewer people that get sick this year,” says Kozin.

Don’t worry if you missed today’s clinic at the fairgrounds.  Flu shots are available at the Polk County Health Department Monday through Friday.  That’s at 1907 Carpenter Avenue in Des Moines.