‘Flower Man’ Surprises Candidate with 20 Daisies During Campaign Event

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — A man, covered in sweat, didn’t give his name at a campaign event in West Des Moines Monday for Rick Perry, the former Republican Texas Governor and presidential candidate. But he did give Perry 20 daisies he pulled from his backpack. Perry apparently recognized him from a previous campaign event in New Hampshire.

Perry had been holding a round table discussion with the group, Iowans Supporting Israel, his first Iowa event of the day. Perry spent about 30 minutes professing his support for Israel, saying President Obama hasn’t articulated the country’s support well enough and adding that the U.S. will need to put troops on the ground to take on ISIS fighters.

When Perry finished his remarks, he took questions. The unidentified man stood up, clutching his backpack, and said to Perry, “Last time I saw you, I offered one flower for peace. And you accepted it, This time, I wondered if I could offer you 20 flowers.”

The man walked up to Perry and took the daisies out of his backpack. He continued, “Can you give me a prayer for each one of these flowers?”

Perry reached out toward the man and said, “Go over there,” gesturing for the man to move away. Perry then said, “I’ll silently pray for you, brother. How about that?”


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