Flooding Already Putting Some Luther Residents out of Their Homes

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LUTHER, Iowa — While rainfall has been impacting areas across the state, Boone County has been hit especially hard. The city of Luther lacks a sewer system, city officials say, which means some homes are unlivable.

Kristen Hethcot has lived in Luther for 11 years and said she has never see flooding like this. She said she practically can’t do anything.

“Can’t use the toilet, take a shower, wash dishes, do laundry. Can’t do anything,” she said.

Hethcot is using two sump pumps to keep water from ruining her home. She said said she worries her basement wall will collapse if she doesn’t keep the sump pumps running.

City buildings are also battling flooding. Crews were working to pump water out of City Hall Monday afternoon.

Boone County Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Morlan said Luther faces some unique problems.

“They have their own individual private septic systems, and a lot of those are inundated and they are not able to use the restroom in their houses. Basements are full of water and they are having issues with furnaces,” Morlan said.

Morlan said he’s been told to expect the Des Moines River to rise another 10 feet, which will put the river over its banks.


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