Pacific Junction Hopes Winning Playground Contest Will Encourage Others to Rebuild in Flood Ravaged Town

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PACIFIC JUNCITON, Iowa- In March this town was underwater, after levees holding back the Missouri River failed. The town was under water for a month. When the water went back down, the slow cleanup began.

But out of the blue a small positive note of encouragement for the community. The local Glenwood Lions Club nominated Pacific Junction to win a $25,000 new playground. The town is competing with other North American Cities for the honor.

“There was a $25,000 grant available that for a playground and we said how awesome would that be let’s partner with Pacific Junction and help them get their playground back,” said Carol Robertson, of the Glenwood Lions Club.

The town has two playgrounds, one is still showing rust on the slide from the flooding.

“I was just pretty shocked to know that somebody had even nominated us for it,” said Clydie Nelsen, of Pacific Junction. “Hopefully we’ll get enough votes and will be able to replenish and make it better.”

Nelsen’s house was flooded in March, but she is determined to stay in the town she grew up in. She’s hoping the new playground will make the community more attractive for people who may be considering leaving, after the flood.

Robertson said the last update on the voting had Pacific Junction in 8th place. Voting goes until May 29th, then there will be another round for the top 10 vote getters.

If you would like to vote for Pacific Junction you can do that here.



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