Flood Waters Receding, But When Interstate 29 Reopens Is Still Not Known

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GLENWOOD, Iowa-Waters are receding in some parts of flooded southwest Iowa. Waters west of Thurman are going down. The town was evacuated, the water reached just west of town, but did not flood the community.

“We mostly just packed the pictures important stuff, clothes and toiletries stuff we need a little bit of food,” said Ariel Jackson, who lives in Thurman with her family.

“It was a scary moment to get woke up that time morning, hear that they were being evacuated, and the water was coming it was just kind of chaos,” said Diane Birkby, Thurman Area Resident, and mom to Ariel.

On interstate 29 near Glenwood DOT crews were working on removing debris from the off-ramp heading from I-29 to Highway 34.

“When is this specific interchange, Highway 34 and interstate 29 going to open?” said Iowa State Trooper Scott Miller of the Council Bluffs Office. “As you can see behind me there’s extensive cleanup operation underway and just for this one ramp, it’s only a few hundred feet and it’s taking quite a while because there’s so much debris on it.”

Across the region many roads are closed, and other’s not used as much are serving as detours.

“It’s going to be a while before we can get these roads back open so just have patience we are working as fast as we can we’re doing the best we can to get things back open again,” said Miller.

A flood information meeting will be held Sunday at 2 pm for Glenwood, in the Senior High Auditorium.


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