Flood Waters Receding as Burlington Cleans Up

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BURLINGTON, Iowa — Flood water along the waterfront in Burlington began receding on Monday. That’s after the riverfront downtown flooded on Saturday after a HESCO flood barrier failed.

“Most of the damage is down here on the riverfront, so most of the town’s not really affected by it,” said Matt Coffin, who runs the family business Frank Millard Company on the river. “The people that got hurt the worst I believe is the City with the Auditorium and the Port of Burlington, and their pump station over there, they’re the ones that got the damage.”

Coffin said many of the businesses along the riverfront got water in the basement, but few sustained major damage. Businesses in the Port of Burlington were reported under water.

“We got water in the basement, but there’s no damage,” said Coffin.” Everything that we’ve got is above, and our building sits high enough so we’re not concerned about actually the business.”

The City of Burlington is in the process of building a flood wall along the river.

“They’ve done phase one, that did fine, that held,” said Coffin. “But on the ends they have to use the HESCO barriers, to tie it in, on the south end is where one of them finally broke.”

The Burlington Post Office is located near the flooded area. The post office closed Monday and moved service to nearby West Burlington.

Crews were busy Monday cleaning flooded basements in some businesses.


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