OGDEN, IA — Sheets of rain came down in a short period of time in central Iowa early Wednesday morning.

In southern Boone County, the area received it’s second flash flood in just a span of two weeks. Just five miles outside of Ogden, roads were closed due to sitting water and crop fields had ponds of rainwater form overnight.

“Surprisingly seven inches,” said Tom Pierce, from Ogden, when asked how much rain he measured from the storm. “I was shocked when I went out and looked at the gauge and saw it was almost running over.”

Pierce said he has lived on his property since 1984 and has never seen standing water on his front lawn until Wednesday morning.

While a lot of the crops are already in the ground this plant season, one family farm was concerned about the young plants that are now covered.

“The corn that came up, it was a good probably few inches tall, and when you can’t see any of that corn under the water and if it doesn’t drain out in a few days then it is probably going to be zapped or dead,” said Brock Crosman, a farmer in Ogden.

It wasn’t just crop fields or roads that received damage either. Several people said that they had flooded basements from the violent storms. One person woke up with an inch of water on his floor.

“It’s a little bit concerning because last night I slept down in my basement, slept on the couch and woke up this morning to find out the power went out; and I stepped off my couch into water,” said Cole Hoffman, from Ogden.

Hoffman has been working on a pumping project in his shed, but the wet ground conditions the last two weeks have made it difficult.

The rain water rushed into Little Beaver Creek, which caused the waterway to swell. The good news for farmers is that the water started to recede into the creek around midday on Wednesday. Farmers are hopeful that the water didn’t sit long enough to destroy a large portion of crop, but there is still going to be some losses.

“You can definitely tell in some spots if you are driving around, there are definitely some blank spots out in the field and it is probably too late to get back in there trying to save that spot,” said Crosman.