Five Ways To Get Rid of Halloween Candy

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s the time of year where you may have massive amounts of candy around the house. Halloween is still four days away, but your kids have probably already been trick-or-treating a few times.

Mom Jennifer Gordon George says, “There are trunk-or-treats where you get more candy. And, there’s Beggar’s Night, and some communities do it on a different night.”

She noticed the sweet situation with her two boys. Her son Spencer George says, “We normally just kind of like save it, and then when it gets to be around Christmas time, we throw it away.”

So, Gordon George researched ways to get rid of the goodies for the Des Moines Moms Blog. She says, “With all the sugar and stuff in our diets, it’s just not something we eat very much, and so we just don’t get rid of it.”

One rewarding way to get the candy out of your house is to participate in a Halloween Candy Buy Back. Plaza Dental Group in West Des Moines is one of a few Central Iowa dentists that will give you a dollar for every pound of candy you donate. Then, they’ll send it to the troops. Bring your candy to Plaza Dental November 3rd and 4th from 3 to 5 p.m. Click here to find a list of more dentists.

Or, you can send it to the troops on your own through Operation Gratitude. The website tells you how to mail a care package full of your treats by November 15th. Gordon George says, “I feel like the kids have a feeling of satisfaction knowing their candy is going to U.S. troops who maybe don’t get to have candy that often.”

You can also try freezing your candy, so you can enjoy it throughout the year. Or, take the leftovers to work. Gordon George says, “For those co-workers who don’t have kids at home, and they would like the candy.”

Another option is to bring in the idea known as “The Switch Witch.” That’s where you convince your kids to keep a small amount of candy and put out the rest Halloween night. A toy is put in its place while they sleep. Spencer says, “The switch witch sounds kind of cool, if you get a cool toy.”

The key is to get rid of the goodies, while still allowing your kids to enjoy the holiday. Gordon George says, “At the same time, I don’t want to take away the magic of getting all that candy.”

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