FIRST RESPONDERS: Weapons Of Mass Destruction Drill

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First responders from across the state are making sure they are prepared for a situation with large scale explosives.

A full-scale weapons of mass destruction drill was held in Waterloo on Tuesday. Officials had to work to disarm a bomb in a car at the National Cattle Congress.

To practice, the Waterloo Bomb Squad sent its robot to the car to check things out.  With pictures and information in hand, a suited bomb squad officer went to the car, and disarmed the device.

The first responders didn’t have long to celebrate in this scenario, the danger was far from over.  During their investigation, police found a map inside the car with locations of other possible bombs on Cattle Congress grounds.  They launched SWAT and haz-mat team response in those areas.

Officials say this kind of drill is great practice for bringing different tactical teams together.

“It’s definitely something that not everybody uses every day, so getting these folks together and using some of the monitoring equipment and that is stuff you need to keep up on,” Capt. Kevin Johnson, operations officer for the 71st Civil Support Team said.

A state level full-scale emergency drill like this is usually done at least once a year.


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