First Responders Couldn’t Track Man Because of Call Pendant

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BOONE, Iowa — Officials said old technology is to blame for a difficult rescue in Boone County. Dispatchers say a man called 911, but dialing the phone was all he could manage.

The 78-year-old caller was unable to confirm his address and dispatch couldn’t track the call. The family told us that’s because the caller was using a call pendant, and not a cell phone, as reported by Boone County dispatchers. It has a button to press in case of emergency that contacts 911.

The call pendant used by the man to alert 911.

Surrounding counties joined the search, frantically trying to help locate the man. He called back four times, finally confirming his address.

“She replayed the 911 recording of them talking to the subject and I recognized the voice and said, ‘hey it’s this person here,’” said Bouton Fire Department Capt. Karl Harris.

It took three law enforcement agencies and 17 first responders to locate the man.

At this time, we do not know his condition.


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