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AMES, Iowa — It is billed as the first-ever 10G Smart Home ever built. Located in a new development on Wilder Avenue, on the west side of Ames, this home has over 70 smart devices running, all at once. That includes gamers in the basement.

“You’re going to see things that will amaze you I hope,” said Mediacom Vice President, Tom Larson. “That is what 10G is, it’s the house of the future.”

Invited were various local political and business leaders to view a series of demonstrations inside the house.

“So the appliances are all connected to the 10G network here, it’s all Wi-Fi you can access it using your phone your computer whatever,” said Lauren Grant, of Zestful Kitchen. “Smart mug you just charge it, set it to the perfect temperature you like your coffee, and for somebody who’s particular about their coffee being nice and hot all the time, this is nice.”

“ is the platform that runs the Smart Home,” said Chris Gonsior, of “We have an operating system that runs that, so were going to demo, shades and light controls.”

The 10G system can not only monitor who drops off packages at your house, but can read the label on the package, and get the license of the vehicle which delivered it. It also powers an 8K video screen. There are some other uses, like treating anxiety.

“With a brain-sensing headband in our technology and Mediacom 10G we are able to control these environments with her feelings and her thoughts and emotions,” said Sarah Hill of Healium. “So she’s able to be inside a virtual world and she can look all the way around.”

And something seen on Star Wars, a 3D hologram. The images were created by Glass Factory of Colorado. To the eye they appeared in 3D no glasses were required.

The technology also has applications for health. Unity Point demonstrated how people could have a doctor visit over high speed video via 10G.

The privilege of 10G, offers speed, security, reliability, and low latency, ‘ said Larson, “and that’s really important for gamers.”

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