First Eaglet of 2019 Hatches at Decorah Eagles’ Nest


Eaglet D32 in the Decorah Eagles’ nest. Hatched 4/4/19, photo from 4/5/19. (Courtesy: Raptor Resource Project)

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DECORAH, Iowa – Eagle watchers rejoice! The first eaglet of 2019 has hatched in the Decorah Eagles’ nest.

The Raptor Resource Project confirmed the hatch at 6:45 p.m. Thursday. D32, as the eaglet will be known, is the first offspring for Mom Decorah and DM2. The pair has one more egg in the nest they’re caring for and that is expected to hatch in the next few days.

This spring has brought a new look to the nest as Mom Decorah takes on the task of parenting with her new mate. The RRP says Dad Decorah, her original mate, disappeared in April of 2018. She raised the pair’s three eaglets on her own.

After being courted by a few different males, Mom Decorah accepted DM2 as her mate in October of 2018 and they began “nestorations” on the Decorah nest. It’s located cross the street from the DNR Fish Hatchery, allowing for a steady source of delicious fish.

The pair’s first egg was laid on Feb. 22, the second on Feb. 26th, and the third on March 2nd. One of the eggs broke in March, leaving two eggs in the nest.

You can watch the Decorah Eagles’ Nest Cam live here and you can check out video from the hatch below.



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