Des Moines Firefighters Now Fighting Bedbugs

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines firefighters have a new fight on their hands. Bedbugs.

Firefighters from Station 4 responded to a medical call last week when they noticed the patient’s house was over run with bedbugs. A couple of the pests apparently hitched a ride and have been found in the fire station. A pest control service has been called to combat the bedbugs, and firefighters have spent hours scrubbing down equipment.

“There’s a lot of cabinets we have to go through so everything…we’re pulling everything out,” Des Moines Fire Captain Steve Brown Said, “Any soft goods. Bedding. This and that was washed and new stuff put on.”

Firefighters hope they caught the problem in time before it becomes a full blown infestation. And before they bring the bugs into your home or their own homes.

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