Fireball In The Sky

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During the 10 PM news Wednesday night our phones were lit up with viewers who saw something really large light up the central Iowa sky.

The chat line that we use with the National Weather Service was also busy with questions as to what was racing across the night sky around 10:05 PM.

One of the National Weather Service meteorologist was in Oksaloosa last night conducting a storm spotter’s class and said he saw the event as he was driving home just after 10PM. He said the fireball had a tail that trailed off from the northeast to the southeastern horizon.

One explanation could be Gama Virginids…a meteor shower that peaks around April 14th and April 15th. Has the information. also had information about a huge space storm on the sun Tuesday that had a chance to enter the Earth’s magnetic field by April 15th.

We are still looking for the answers… and hopefully will have some pictures or video by the morning show.

If you have pictures or video of the event…please email me at



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