FIRE SALE: Hottest Items Sell High

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Des Moines’ old fire station did some deep cleaning Saturday morning.

The station on the corner of 9th and Mulberry auctioned off thousands of items from a 1940’s dog tag machine to old fire house ladders.

Auctioneers said a lot of the items sold for more than they expected.

Some buyers found the items to be trash while others found it as treasure, “Some of the stuff I’ve seen going for 30,40,50 dollars I would probably  put on my curb are finding a treasure in it,” said Tim Heim.

For some, the auction brought back memories, “We actually had a field trip down here and I remember going down some of the poles, its nostalgic, it’s fun,” reminisced Jim Wilbur.

Others, like Tim Heim, knew what they wanted as soon as they stepped in the room, “They spotted the trailer and thought maybe it`d work for our Ragbrai team.”

Heim and Gloria Norris were hoping to go home with a trailer they can use to help transport bikes during Ragbrai, “The purpose is to carry the bikes and bikes are worth a lot of money.”

Items like old cans, storage units, and tools were selling fast.

Norris was sure she could score the high ticket item for her and her team with a budget of $500, “I’m kind of a loud mouth so they`ll be able to hear me”

But the bidding started at $700, Norris knew her chance for the trailer was over, “It did go higher than we expected, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

Auctioneers say a lot of items sold for more than they had expected. It all comes to show, the things the fire department doesn’t need anymore, plenty of other Iowans do.

The fire station will be emptied by March 2nd so the new occupants, the social club can move in.


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