IOWA — Abby Finkenauer will be allowed on the Democratic primary ballot for the US Senate, the Iowa Supreme Court has ruled. All seven Iowa justices agreed with the ruling, though only six justices concurred with the opinion.

At issue were three signatures included on Finkenauer’s ballot petition that did not include a date. The State Objections Panel rejected challenges to those signatures, but that decision was challenged in district court. A Polk County judge ruled the signatures should be disallowed and that Finkenauer did not meet the minimum requirements to appear on the ballot. Finkenauer and the State Objections Panel appealed that decision to the Iowa Supreme Court this week.

In its ruling issued on Friday, the court found that Iowa law does not clearly make the absence of a date on a petition reason enough to reject it.

Finkenauer will now appear on the ballot along with fellow Democrats Mike Franken and Glenn Hurst.

Finkenauer released a lengthy statement following the unanimous ruling in her favor:

“I ran for the U.S. Senate because I was worried about the direction of our country, about the division and polarization that has put people so far into their corners that they will do anything to try to get elected, including undermining the democratic process itself. 

“The Iowa Supreme Court’s unanimous decision today has affirmed that we are right on the law, and that we will be on the ballot for U.S. Senate. This is a moment for all advocates for democracy – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – to celebrate the enduring strength of our democratic process and a reminder to never take it for granted.

“I’m grateful to the more than 5,000 Iowans who signed petitions to put us on the ballot, and the thousands more who stepped up to support our campaign and call out this meritless partisan attack over the last few weeks. 

“Today’s victory isn’t about my candidacy – it’s about justice for Iowans and democracy prevailing over meritless partisan attacks orchestrated by Washington Republicans and allies of Senator Grassley seeking to silence Iowans and undermine the democratic process.

“Iowans have had enough of being overruled, silenced, and left behind by elites and special interests in Washington. 

“Our campaign is all about giving hardworking Iowans a voice again in the U.S. Senate. After 47 years in Washington, Senator Grassley has changed and forgotten where he comes from. While his allies get richer and richer, Iowa has lost over 30,000 family farms, and it’s gotten harder and harder for working families like the one I grew up in to get by.

“Washington Republicans support these attacks on me because they’re scared. They know that Senator Grassley is more vulnerable than ever, and they tried to undermine the democratic process to save him from having to face me in November. They lost, and we’re going to continue to do the hard work of talking to Iowans all across the state in order to build the coalition to ensure that Grassley and the Washington elite lose again in November.”

Abby Finkenauer
(D) US Senate candidate

Jeff Kaufmann, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, released this statement after the court ruling:

“The Iowa Supreme Court has made their ruling and Finkenauer will remain on the primary ballot.

“No matter which way the court ruled, Finkenauer will never be a U.S. Senator from Iowa. Iowans saw everything they needed to see in Finkenauer’s effort to get on the ballot. For someone who claims to have a strong campaign, she could barely could barely (sic) reach the minimum requirement for petition signatures.”

Jeff Kaufmann
Chairman, Republican Party of Iowa