DES MOINES, Iowa — If you have travel plans in Iowa or the Midwest on Wednesday and Thursday it will be dry. There is a chance for snow over Wyoming. This is where a Winter Storm Watch will go into effect on Thanksgiving. It will be wet along the east coast over the holiday.

It is going to be cold across the country on Thanksgiving.

This is showing the snow falling in Wyoming by Thursday at 6 PM.

If this storm system stays on track, some snow will be falling in parts of Western Nebraska and Kansas by Friday night.

More snow will be possible in Central Nebraska and Northern Kansas by Saturday at 4 PM.

The best chance for light snow in Iowa arrives by early Sunday. There is still a chance this could miss Iowa. It will be warm enough, if any falls, to melt in the afternoon. Right now, less than an inch would be possible.

The weather department will be tracking this first chance for snow of the season. As it gets closer, it will become clearer on the location and amounts so make sure to check back on for updates.