ALTOONA, Iowa — The City of Altoona celebrated Independence  Day in a big way this year. For the first time in years, the town held a parade, and the day was also marked by unveiling Iowa’s 100th and final Freedom Rock outside Adventureland Inn.

“I wondered when I started if I bit off more than I can chew,” said Freedom Rock creator, and artist, Ray “Bubba” Sorensen. “I got there, I had to help, family and friends and now my parents have been supportive, my wife and kids have been amazingly supportive. My kids have obviously learned to help out now they’ve they actually are a great help they’ll fill in the big colors for me as I can work on some detail.”

Sorensen painted the original Freedom Rock on Highway 25 in Adair County. He was asked to paint similar Freedom Rocks in nearby counties, and before long every county in Iowa wanted a Freedom Rock to help tell the story of local veterans.  Since then, he has started an effort to paint a Freedom Rock in every state.

Some people now make a trip out of it, so see all 100 Freedom Rocks Sorensen has painted. Dennis Irvin and Donna McCoullogh of Des Moines have been to all 100 rocks as of Monday.

“We just this weekend finished up the last three I had to say it was over in Fairfield, Winfield, and Mediapolis and finished up the tour,” said Irvin, “and we swing by here on the way home last night it was still covered until first thing this morning she saw this unveiling so we came to see this one.”

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