WAUKEE, Iowa — Kinship Brewing Company is prepping for their second annual Fighting Through Kinship 5k.

On October 2 at Kinship Brewing Company families, friends, and organizations will get together to give support and raise money for breast cancer previvors and survivors.

Jess Mitchell, a breast cancer previvor, is the inspiration for organizing the run. Mitchell is a previvor of breast cancer because she received a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer from forming. Mitchell was diagnosed with a genetic mutation that made her high risk for breast cancer, this mutation is commonly known as the ‘breast cancer gene’.

Mitchell said this year is all about taking action and getting tested to learn how at risk a person might be for breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 5 to 10 percent of breast cancer cases are believed to be caused by hereditary genetic mutations.

“This year it’s all about action,” Mitchell said. “It’s not about awareness because we all know about breast cancer, so how can we take action.”

Last year the run raised around 30,000 dollars for three different non-profits and had over 500 participants.

The Fighting Through Kinship 5K will raise money for three breast cancer non-profits this year. You can register for the event on the Kinship Brewing Company’s website.