DES MOINES, Iowa- People from near and far travel to Linn’s Haunted House every spooky season to witness the horrors of one of the city’s scariest, oldest, and most popular landmarks.

“It’s dark. I mean it’s so dark, you can put your hand in front of your face and you can’t see nothing. Until we want you to, but by that time, it’s too late,” said Merlyn Linn, the creator of Linn’s Haunted House.

Linn built the house in the basement of Linn’s Super Market in 1982. He frequently took his four children to haunted houses and decided to make one for the family.

After the house was completed, the community also gravitated to the attraction. Linn said that every spooky season they are packed with thrill seekers.

Linn also said it’s not uncommon for people to travel long distances just to visit his haunted house. He’s seen horror enthusiasts come from nearby states like Nebraska and Wisconsin, but also as far as coming from Florida.

The Wheelers are Osceola residents who came up to Des Moines for this attraction. Ty and Audrey took their boys, Lincoln and Beau, to Linn’s for their first haunted house experience.

Both Lincoln and Beau said that they loved the haunted house and want to go to more in the future.

There’s still some time to check out the horrors of the house this season. Linn’s Haunted House will be open Sunday October 29th, Monday October 30th, and Tuesday October 31st from 7 PM to 10PM.