DES MOINES, IOWA — A federal drug investigation in Des Moines led to a high-speed chase in a residential neighborhood and ended with a violent crash on the south side on Tuesday afternoon. Police say no bystanders were hurt, and a ‘significant’ amount of drugs off the street.

Sergeant Paul Parkizek with the Des Moines Police Department says that local officers were assisting federal officials with a narcotics investigation. When officers tried to make an arrest, the suspect took off from in a gold SUV at a dangerously high rate of speed. The chase weaved down Park Avenue, coming to an end with a crash in front of Park Avenue Pub at the intersection of Park and Glover Avenues.

“Fortunately no one was injured today, but we did get a significant quantity of drugs off the street,” Parizek said of the chase, “Risk versus reward and sometimes these things are worth it when we do them.” The crash happened around 2:30 pm before kids at local elementary schools were released for the day.

Parizek says the DMPD is more than happy to help state and federal agencies on these types of investigations. He says the resources they bring to the city make everyone safer. “When you look at the quantity of drugs that are saturating these neighborhoods, having these partnerships with these federal agencies that can bring resources and get these drugs off the street, we’re happy to help them in their mission,” he said.

Authorities did not release the name of the suspect who was taken into custody at the scene.