FEDERAL COMPLAINTS: Karger Targets Conservative Organizations

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A former Republican Presidential Candidate is targeting two nation organizations over their alleged illegal activities in Iowa elections.

Fred Karger of California is filing federal complaints against the National Organization for Marriage in Des Moines and the Family Leader.

NOM opposes same-sex marriage and encouraged Iowans to oust justices who voted in favor of it in retention votes in 2010 and 2012. According to Karger, the group did not didn’t disclose its financial donors when funding and managing the campaigns of 10 and 12.

“With the candidates I’ve worked with I’ve always believed in truth and transparency,” says Karger.  “If people are going to participate they must abide by state and federal laws. NOM doesn’t agree with that position.”

Karger’s complaint against The Family Leader alleges that NOM conspired to pay $1 million for Bob Vander Plaat’s to endorse Rick Santorum before the Iowa caucuses.

Both organizations deny the charges. In a statement to WHO, NOM says “Fred Karger has a long history of making false and reckless charges to generate publicity for himself.” A spokesperson for the Family Leader responded to the allegation saying the public record is clear and it will respond if election officials request additional clarification.


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