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GRIMES, Iowa — Police are still investigating an incident in Grimes after spending Friday on the scene of a home where officials found a deceased 2-year-old boy and the boy’s mother unresponsive.

People in that neighborhood, including family members, are in shock from the tragic discovery.

“I`m miserable. I`m in shock right now,” said Dillon Wyckoff, the father of 2-year-old Mason Wyckoff found dead at the scene. “I have a lot of support around me. The family is devastated. He was the happiest little boy.”

As Dillon grieves the loss of his son, he shared photos and videos with Channel 13 of he and his son during happier times.

He’s also speaking out about Mason’s mother, 33-year-old Stephanie Erickson, who authorities found unresponsive inside the home in the 300 block of Valley View Drive. She remains in serious condition.

“He was everything in my world and she had threatened and threatened to do it and she did it to hurt me,” said Dillon. “They haven`t proven anything yet, but I know down deep that`s what happened.”

Dillon says he and Erickson split up about three months ago and were currently sharing custody of Mason.

“The last week or so she had gotten really upset and was keeping Mason from me and calling multiple times a day and I had to block her from almost everything,” said Dillon. “It was getting really bad.”

Dillion says he feared this day would come, and that Erickson had even made threats.

“That I would never see Mason, and if I ever left her, bad things would happen,” said Dillon. “I was ungodly afraid and everywhere I reached out from the law offices, everywhere that I had called, had them do the courtesy checks to DHS, everywhere said they can`t do anything until something happened. I was scared to death that this was going to be the thing that happened.”

The Polk County Sheriff’s Detectives along with the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation are continuing to investigate.

A memorial fund for Mason is set up at the Financial Plus Credit Union. Contributions can be made in Mason’s name and will go to covering funeral costs.

A vigil is also planned for Mason at 8 p.m. Sunday at 303 NW Valley View Drive in Grimes. Attendees are asked to bring candles and blue balloons.