DES MOINES, Iowa – He’s a familiar face on WHO 13 during his “Thought of the Day” segments. Now, Monsignor Frank Bognanno is sharing those messages in a new book.

It’s called “Three Minutes with God: Reflections to Inspire, Encourage, and Motivate.”

The retired priest says the goal of the book is to help people talk to God, and he hopes everyone can take something away.

“The point of the book of course is prayer. I want people to be in touch with the God that loves them,” Bognanno said. “He loves you enough to give you encouragement or inspiration or motivation. So open up to God, that’s my whole thing is opening up to God.”

Profits from the book will go to the “Purify Project” which funds development of clean water systems in Africa schools. You can purchase the book online, at Barnes and Noble, or Divine Treasures in Des Moines.