ROSE HILL, Iowa — Mark Jackson began the harvest for 2023 in a cornfield just east of the Skunk River. Despite the hot, summer weather the yield hasn’t been impacted. So far, corn yield has been around 250 to 300 bushels an acre.

“We’re about 10 inches behind, a lot like last year actually when it comes to moisture and lack there of,” said Jackson. “It was foggy this morning. I thought I could sneak out there and wouldn’t you know it, it started to rain.”

The afternoon dried out and winds kept the crops dry.

“Harvest is like Christmas every year for a farmer,” said Jackson. “Its like Christmas Day, when you start in that harvest, you’re never quite sure what your going to get, until you get there.”

Jackson is a 5th generation family farmer in Mahaska County. He farms with his son Michael, now a 6th generation family farmer.

Jackson said he heard yield reports of 70 bushels per acre in the area.