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DES MOINES, Iowa — Fareway and Dole are partnering for their second annual Learning Garden contest.

This program is not only to teach kids how to grow their own food but to expose them to a healthier lifestyle. The goal of the garden is to enhance a teacher’s curriculum.

The Captain Planet Foundation is also a partner in this program. It has worked to teach students how to use multiple fields of study such as science, math, social studies and even language arts to maintain a healthy garden.

This learning garden will come with five raised beds, a mobile cooking cart for recipes, all tools necessary to maintain the garden, online supplies and educational resources for teachers as well as in-person training opportunities on how to sustain the garden now and through the summer months.

Corporate Outreach and Communications Manager, Emily Toribio, said this is a great way for teachers to do something more interactive in the classroom and teach students to something new.

“Hear feedback from them. Did they like that new type of lettuce? Do they like kale? Had they tried kale before? Those were really good conversations to have with the kids,” Toribio, said.

Toribio said the best part about this program is exposing the students to healthier food and ultimately a healthier lifestyle.

“Having them try some new foods that they haven’t tried in the past, and then teaching them healthy eating habits and what that looks like starting from a young age. So that they grow up with those good habits,” Toribio said.

To apply, visit this link.